Why can’t we talk about this? Ellen Sandell MP

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Why can’t we talk about this?


Ellen Sandell MP

2:17 PM (3 hours ago)

to me

Dear Neville —

The footage we’re seeing of bushfires this week is shocking and incredibly sad. But so far nobody has said the one thing that needs to be said: extreme weather like this in October is exacerbated by climate change, and the Victorian Government is failing to properly address it. Read my thoughts in The Age on the link with climate change.

My dad was a firefighter. I know what it feels like to wait up for him and hope he comes home safely. But the conditions we’re seeing now are worse than when I was growing up.

Victoria’s Emergency Management Commissioner Craig Lapsley​ has said such high temperatures and winds speeds have never been seen this early in October. While I want to know our Government is keeping us safe, I also want to know they’re addressing the root cause of the problem, not just the symptoms. Click here to read my article in The Age about climate change and fires.

Unless we drastically reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, end our dependence on polluting brown coal for power, and build clean, renewable energy, the unusually risky conditions and extreme temperatures we are seeing could become the norm.

Read my thoughts on what failing to address climate change will mean for bushfire risk.

My thoughts are with the brave firies and residents saving lives and properties right now.

Let’s not let every season become bushfire season.



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