With chilling disregard for our climate, the Australian Government is set on expanding our fossil fuel industry at all cost.


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Will you be a divestment leader?


Charlie Wood – 350.org Australia <charlie@350.org>

1:59 PM (17 minutes ago)

to me

Dear friend,

With chilling disregard for our climate, the Australian Government is set on expanding our fossil fuel industry at all cost.

We know that we need to keep 80% of fossil fuels in the ground, yet in recent months we’ve seen approval of the monstrous Carmichael mine, license for dredging and dumping in our Great Barrier Reef and reckless approval of coal seam gas projects.

But that’s the bad news. Here’s the good news– while the Coal and Gas industry is holding our Government in the palm of their hand, divestment campaigns are forcing their financiers onto the back foot.

In under a year, the divestment movement has seen hundreds of Australians move over hundreds of millions of dollars out of financial institutions that invest in fossil fuels; we’ve dominated Big 4 Bank AGMs with our questions; received constant mainstream news coverage and earned the wrath of Australia’s Coal and Gas giants.

Our strategy is working but we’re running out of time to keep Australian Coal and Gas in the ground. It’s time for a radical escalation of our people powered divestment campaign.

That’s why we’re launching a nationwide Divestment Leadership training.  Hundreds of people just like you will join together to grow and lead our movement in 2014.

Click here to register for a training near you!

The training will help you speak confidently on the risks of fossil fuel investment to our planet and to our own finances. It will connect you to other people in your city and together give you the tools to work with 350.org.au to build a powerful divestment movement.

Regardless of your age, gender, or experience, if you are passionate about stopping the expansion of the fossil fuel industry we’d love YOU to join us.

With our Government unwilling to take any meaningful action to address climate change, divestment is one of the best tools we have to transition our economy and keep fossil fuels in the ground.

Hope you can join us to become a Divestment Leader in 2014!

Warmest wishes,

Chrissy and Charlie on behalf of the 350 Australia team

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