Women’s safety gear important OHS consideration

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Until now, poorly fitted safety gear has endangered women in the workplace

There are dangers to women in the workplace who do not have properly fitted work wear.

The US Department of Labor (USDoL) reports that “Poor fit compromises the protection offered by the garment or equipment. The lack of appropriate PPC and PPE can cause serious safety and health risks for women, and men of smaller sizes, who rely on protective clothing and equipment to help them keep safe. Having inadequate or ill-fitting clothing, boots, gloves, or safety equipment presents a safety hazard for any worker.”

Until recently, the scarcity of appropriate protective clothing was blamed on the relatively small numbers of women in workplaces requiring protective clothing.

That is no longer an excuse. USDoL points out that “Personal protective equipment intended for use by women workers should be based upon female anthropometric (body measurement) data.”

The good news is that an increased focus on OH&S generally, and better design means there are now specific ranges of protective clothing designed for women.


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