Xmas scam takes its Toll

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Toll scam-like note
Toll’s drivers use an unaddressed note that looks like a scam

A Xmas delivery scam is hurting many West End residents and business owners as well as transport companies who are not taking care with their delivery protocols.

At one of the spectrum, the scams involve a completely fake courier company pretending to have attempted to deliver non-existent items and then collecting fees via credit card over the phone to “complete” the non-delivery of the non-existent item.

At the other end, legitimate courier companies are simply dropping off cards instead of attempting to deliver items and then collecting fees to “complete” the delivery.

The Australian Consumer and Competition Commission (ACCC) has released a warning about the scams on its website The ABC has run with the story on National media.

Courier company Toll is being hurt by the scam because it uses notes (pictured) almost identical to the description of the scam notes. Customers are refusing to pay for delivery of items that Toll drivers say they are struggling to deliver at the busiest time of the year.

At least one Westender reader says the company has brought it on itself through sloppy attempts to deliver parcels. “I was at home all morning, and received a note in the mail box claiming they had been unable to deliver it,” he wrote.

The reader said that the waiting time on the customer care number was so long he could not afford to hold. “The note is unaddressed and so I am unaware if it is for me, my flatmate, possibly a neighbour or is, in fact, an example of the scam.”

Westender is keen to hear from other readers who have had a similar experience. Uae the comment feature below to tell us your story.

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