The story they won’t report on

3 November, 2014 General news0
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The story they won’t report on


Vicky Fysh via 

5:23 PM (25 minutes ago)

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Dear Friend,

Four weeks ago, the Australian National University announced it was selling $16 million of shares in two fossil fuel companies and five other mining companies. What happened next was odd in the extreme.

The Australian Financial Review (AFR) went into overdrive, dedicating a month of breathless coverage to attacking ANU’s decision.

The AFR has now published 43 stories, 30,000 words and 12 front covers on the topic of one university divesting from a handful of companies. By contrast, the global surge in renewable energy and the growing carbon bubble barely rate a mention.

Sign our open letter to tell the AFR that Australians want responsible reporting on the biggest financial stories of our time.

Smart people know that the world needs to leave most fossil fuels in the ground.* They know that a huge transformation is underway, disrupting old energy sources and risking hundreds of billions of dollars in stranded assets.

But the AFR won’t cover this news. So that’s why we’re going to take the news to the AFR.

AFR’s parent company — Fairfax Media — has its AGM this Thursday in Melbourne. From the moment the doors open, we’ll be presenting Fairfax shareholders with a more honest version of events in our special edition of the Australian Fossil Fuel Review (AFFR).

When shareholders open the AFFR, we want them to see the names of thousands of Australians calling on the AFR to report responsibly. 

Click here to add your name today!

Shareholders should know that the AFR is failing in its core business of delivering responsible financial news. Instead, it’s running a campaign to try to slow the divestment movement, while giving limited coverage to some of the the biggest financial stories of our time – climate change and the surge in clean energy. This may suit miners, but it doesn’t suit Australia’s future.

Click here to send the AFR a message that climate cover-ups and compromised reporting is not ok.

Yours for a brighter future,

Vicky and the 350 Australia team

PS: Want to do more?

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*Just today, Ban Ki-Moon urged global pension funds to divest from fossil fuels! is building a global climate movement.

Become a sustaining donor to keep this movement strong and growing.

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