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You are incredible! What a Year! Citizens Climate Lobby

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You are incredible! What a Year!


Mark Reynolds, Citizens’ Climate Lobby <> Unsubscribe

5:59 AM (2 hours ago)

to me

Dear Neville,

This has truly been a remarkable year, thanks to your work, and the work of more than 11,000 Citizens’ Climate Lobby supporters. Here are just a few of our top accomplishments for 2014:

    • Held more than 1,000 meetings with members of Congress.
    • Expanded our presence into 412 out of 435 congressional districts.
    • Published more than 2,000 letters to the editor.
    • Held 1,000+ outreach events.
    • We’ve significantly expanded our international presence, now active in Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, England, France, Germany India, Italy, Nepal, New Zealand, Peru, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the U.S.
    • We released the REMI report in June which shows we’ll not only reduce CO2 emissions drastically with carbon fee and dividend legislation, but also add to our economy.
    • Built support for our Pathway to Paris program, from citizens (volunteers in Australia, Germany, Sweden, Nepal and Bangladesh have been directly engaged) to leadership at multilateral institutions (including UNICEF, UNFCCC, World Bank, and IMF).
    • We wrote official bill language for our proposed carbon fee and dividend legislation.
CCL volunteer Peter Joseph and his granddaughters show their support for CCL and solving climate change.

CCL volunteer Peter Joseph and
his granddaughters show their support for
CCL and solving climate change.
  • Held REMI briefings in both the House and Senate. The Senate briefing was standing room only, and for the House briefing, we actually had to turn people away!
  • CCL Canada now has allies in all four parties and was invited to dine in the Parliamentary Dining Hall four times in 2014.
  • CCL’s proposal to the MIT Climate CoLab contest for U.S. Carbon Price won the Popular Choice award by a wide margin.

I am blown away by your courage, tenacity, joy and perseverance. Thank you for ALL that you do!

With love and admiration,

Mark Reynolds
Executive Director
Citizens’ Climate Lobby
Citizens’ Climate Education Corp.

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