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Fwd: CCL event in Ultimo on Thursday the 20th of August at 6:45pm


Jeevan Witt <>

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Hi Everyone,
Would you like to attend the CCL (Citizens’ Climate Lobby) event in Ultimo next Thursday the 10th of September at 6:45pm?  This is for the Sydney electorate group but all are welcome.  More details on the flyer attached.  Please reply by Tuesday for this event.
See the links below for some information on CCL, James Hansen, fee and dividend.  I look forward to seeing those that can make it.
P.S. These are some things we discussed at the last session:
James Hanson Ted video (18 minutes)
Robert Reich on the Importance of Putting a Price On Carbon (targeted to American critzens but relevant to Australians)
James Hanson Sydney uni talk (from 2010 but all still relevant – long but good)

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