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48 hours for schools not exploitation


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In just 48 hours, world leaders will convene with a simple mission to guarantee that children affected by war and natural disasters can have a safe place to learn. Let’s get them to commit to a Humanitarian Fund and Platform for Education in Emergencies. Click now to send a message —

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Dear friends,

In 48 hours, the Norwegian Government will bring together world leaders with a simple mission: get them to guarantee that millions of children affected by war and natural disasters can have a safe place to learn.

When disaster hits, schools close and children fall through the cracks. Kids find themselves more vulnerable to exploitation — child labour, early marriages, even trafficking, and they slip further into poverty. 28 million children are out of school in emergency-affected areas, but last year only 1% of all humanitarian aid went to education.

Let’s help change that today by flooding key decision makers with messages, before the summit starts. Our push will show them the world is watching. Click now to send a message — let’s get them to commit to a Humanitarian Fund and Platform for Education in Emergencies:


The numbers are shocking. 2.6 million children are out of school in Syria and neighbouring countries, and donors have failed to act on commitments to get them back into education. 90% of schools were damaged in the Nepal earthquake. And 5 million children dropped out of school due to Ebola.

Leaders could make sure this doesn’t happen again, but they may not act without a massive public push.

These children have already suffered tremendously because of disasters. Let’s make sure our leaders take urgent action to keep them in school, and protect them from further violence and abuse. Send a message now:


Over 1 million of our community have already signed a petition to demand every child is able to go to school safely. And Avaazers have donated generously to amazing projects helping children in Sierra Leone, Nepal and Syria. But to deal with the magnitude of this crisis worldwide we need our leaders to prioritise the world’s most vulnerable children, now.

With hope and determination,

Alice, Emma, Nataliya, Melanie, Ricken and the whole Avaaz team

Progress for Children (UNICEF)

Education in Emergencies and Protracted Crises Toward a Strengthened Response (Oslo Education Summit)

Walk the Talk – Review of Donors Humanitarian Policies on Education (NRC)

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