9/11 Talkfest a success


BYU physics professor Steven Jones’ authoritative lecture on the use of incendiary devices in the demolition of the trade towers and building 7 went further than ever before in its conclusive tone on the issue. Jones has now tested steel samples from two different sites that both clearly show the use of thermate as a tool of implosion and the analysis has been verified by two other universities.

Lt. Col. Robert M. Bowman, the former head of the Star Wars weapons defense system and Ph.D. in Aeronautics and Nuclear Engineering from Cal Tech, also gave a powerful presentation on the NORAD 9/11 stand down which was extremely well received.

The highlight for many was the surprise personal appearance of Hollywood star, current TV hit and recent shining addition to the ranks of noted 9/11 whistleblowers Charlie Sheen, who received a rapturous ovation before his speech on the courage of those who went before him in standing up to an unpalatable truth in the name of freedom.

The overall sentiment after the conclusion of the conference was that it was the most powerful, informative and progressive 9/11 symposium to date.

The conference was a declaration of independence and a warning to the watching media that major western governments are planning more acts of false flag terrorism in order to justify new wars and geopolitical domination of the globe as well as a domestic police state.

Reflecting a positive trend embraced by an earlier New York Times article, a Reuters report on the conference mainly sticks to the facts and avoids the scoffing, sneering tone of similar reports about 9/11 events we have seen over the last few years.

The Reuters article has mainly been picked up by foreign news outlets. >From previous experience we know that newswire gatekeepers, ostensibly operating out of London, selectively sideline sensitive stories and order them not to receive substantive nationwide attention.

The Reuters piece has not been picked up by any US or European news outlet thus far.

Publications such as Turkey’s Zaman Online, South Africa’s Independent Online, Qatar’s Gulf News as well as Al Jazeera and Iran’s Tehran Times all carried different versions of the original Reuters piece.

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