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The John James newsletter sources information that the mainstream news deliberately ignores. The Generator checks, vets and provides sources for selected articles from John James’ feed.

Leigh Storr at Biosolar

Solar and batteries now cheaper than the grid

Geoff Ebbs /25 February, 2018

As predicted by The Generator in August 2014 a combination of domestic solar power and local storage has fallen below the price of grid power. South Australia will ramp up its incentives to owners of household solar power. While this price advantage makes it attractive to customers in all states to leave the grid, sonme governments Continue Reading →

Greenpeace artwork in the Philippines

Pollution kills 20 million people

Geoff Ebbs /25 February, 2018

Life expectancy is falling in the US as the impact of pollutants on cancer in children, and untreatable diseases spread from industrially farrmed food into the population. As the impact of pollutants on childhood health is better understood experts warn that cancers, asthma and obesity have become normal characteristics of the population. Pollution is directly Continue Reading →

Politicians for sale in the US

Wealth buys silence

Geoff Ebbs /14 February, 2018

The figures are in. 38 climate denying senators have received three quarters of a million dollars each from fossil fuel interests with the price of a member of Congress denying the science being about one third that. In total fossil, fuel interests have directly spent over 97 million dollars paying the currently sitting US Senators Continue Reading →

Climate disasters damage US economy

Climate chaos costs US a staggering $306 billion

Geoff Ebbs /14 February, 2018

In 2017 alone, sixteen $1 billion-plus weather- and climate-related events killed some 362 people in the US and cost the national economy  $306 billion. This is a record for natual disasters and appears to be the shape of things to come. This represents 1.6% of the total US economy at a time when the economy Continue Reading →

John James Newsletter

The John James Newsletter No. <212>

JohnJames /20 January, 2018

The John James Newsletter 212 20 January 2018 DURING THE BREAK I HAVE BECOME AWARE  that over the past four years the small changes I have recorded each week have been accumulating into a maelstrom. The speed and scale of change beggars belief. I have listed a few to press home the point, and the Continue Reading →

John James Newsletter

The John James Newsletter No. <211>

JohnJames /22 December, 2017

The John James Newsletter 211 22 December 2017 I AM TAKING A BREAK.  ENJOY YOUR HOLIDAYS, YOUR FAMILIES AND YOUR FRIENDS  AND I WILL BE BACK NEXT YEAR. We use 1.4 billion plastic bottles every single day, and only a fraction will ever be recycled, and once they get into the environment they take up to 1000 years to Continue Reading →