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The John James newsletter sources information that the mainstream news deliberately ignores. The Generator checks, vets and provides sources for selected articles from John James’ feed.

The John James Newsletter  255

JohnJames /27 November, 2018

What is the matter with these people? Either they really don’t know, or they are so corrupt that they pretend they don’t know. That’s the real story.

The John James Newsletter  250

JohnJames /27 November, 2018

We play Russian roulette with climate and no one knows what lies in the active chamber       Wallace BroeckerPeople are angry. They feel that nobody is listening to their pain.

John James Newsletter

The John James Newsletter  261

JohnJames /26 November, 2018

In July, 1977, James F. Black, one of Exxon’s senior scientists, addressed many of the company’s top leaders in New York, explaining the earliest research on the greenhouse effect.