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A win for workers


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4:32 PM (1 hour ago)

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Neville —

I wanted to let you know as soon as I could. Labor has secured a comprehensive package of safeguards for Australian jobs as part of our negotiations on the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement. By working with the community, we’ve been able to secure a win for Australian workers.

Labor has stood up for local jobs and delivered a safety net of decent wages and conditions for all workers. Specifically, making sure jobs have to be advertised to Australians first, protecting Australian wages and conditions, and upholding workplace skills and safety standards.

This is a great win for workers in Australia. This means Australia will get the benefits of increased trade with China, whilst not undermining Australian jobs.

I’m really glad Labor has delivered this outcome. It’s good for our economy and it’s good for Australian jobs.

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Thanks for standing with me on this,

P.s. If you would like to get more information on the ChAFTA safeguards, click here.

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