Abbott and Newman must be doing something right

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I think it was 2009, maybe even 2010, but as always, it was a sunny day in Brisbane. The missus and I were driving on Coronation Drive, heading into the CBD.

To my left I noticed a small group of people holding some signs — maybe six or eight people. Trying to get everyone’s attention. I couldn’t make out what the signs said, but it seemed like an attempt at a protest.

Is that a protest, I asked the missus. Yeah, that’s a typical Brisbane protest, she responded, they don’t protest like they do in Europe.

Since then I have always tried to attend a few protests as a reporter. Mostly to provide coverage for Westender, while also live-reporting using Twitter, but also to try to give the public a voice.

Unfortunately that has left me with a very bland taste in my mouth that is easy to forget.

When you turn up to a protest that around 1,000 people on Facebook has said they would come and support, but instead you suddenly find yourself having to search for it because only five people showed up — you kind of stop believing the hype.

This is why I didn’t go to Brisbane to have a gander at the March in March event yesterday. I just didn’t believe that it would attract enough people. Sure, on Facebook over 5,000 (when I looked) said they would attend.

Ever heard the story about the boy who cried wolf?

That is what happened to me yesterday. Too many times I’ve heard that cheeky boy cry wolf. Then, when I come running with notepad and camera in hand, all I see is him grinning at me.

Haha! Made you show your face again you gullible boofhead.

But I stand corrected. Apparently about 2,000 people showed up at the March in March event in Brisbane on Sunday.

If I hear that cheeky boy cry wolf again, I’ll still show my face. But he better not be sticking around if there is no wolf for me to see.

In a twisted way I guess you can say that Tony Abbott and Campbell Newman must be doing something right if they manage to gather about 2,000 people — even though the marchers came to rally against them.

Featured image credit: Jan Bowman

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