Mindless Media ignores March in March

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Thousands gathered in Queens Park despite rail closures and hot weather
Thousands gathered in Queens Park despite rail closures and hot weather

Thousands of Queenslander marched from Queens Park in Brisbane yesterday to protest against the extremism of the Abbot Government despite the heat, and the rail closures across Brisbane’s South. The March was part of a nationwide movement that brought thousands onto the street.

Despite the large numbers, the march was completely ignored in the mainstream media, the Courier Mail did not mention it at all, the network television stations did not cover it and the  Brisbane Times simply ran stories from other capitals.

This concerted effort at a media boycott of the event highlights the importance of independent media outlets, such as Westender. It also highlights the urgency of the debate about the tactics we employ to build an effective opposition to the forces representing the one percent with their monopoly on media, retail and resources.

As mainstream politics slips more into corporate feudalism it is critical that we explore the tactics to maintain the liberties won so painstakingly over the last millenia by our forebearers. Read more articles about this on the Westender


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  1. cara

    25 March, 2014

    Channel 10 ran a story in the first segment of the bulletin that evening. See link below.


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