Aust can combine its abundant sunlight, coal and gas to create ideal energy solutions


Post-combustion CO2 capture: This has the added bonus of taking
off the CO2 in a pure stream for long-term sequestration. “Solar
thermal can also provide a valuable source of low-grade heat to drive
the post-combustion capture of CO2 from existing power stations – which
is an additional opportunity for the technology,” Dr Wibberley adds.

Parabolic troughs most promising: Of the various CST
technologies, parabolic troughs are under the most active development
worldwide and appear to offer the best economics which a carbon price
would make more favourable still.

Intelligent combination of technologies needed: Van Schagen
says: “In the polarized public debate, Australia’s energy challenge is
often depicted as fossil-versus-renewables. In reality, the answer lies
in an intelligent combination of the best technologies and resources to
produce cost-effective energy with next to zero greenhouse and
pollution emissions.”

Aust is uniquely placed: He argues that Australia has sunlight,
coal and gas in vast amounts. “We can combine them to create ideal
energy solutions in ways simply unavailable to most other countries on

Reference: CCSD Media Release, February 15, 2005. More information: Mr Frank van Schagen, CEO, CCSD, 07 3871 4400. website: Dr Louis Wibberley, CCSD and CSIRO, 02 4960 6050.

Erisk Net, 15/2/2006


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