Balmain Community Group helps residents go green


NSW coal industry the target: "We really want to focus on the coal industry, which is especially bad in this state, and the whole connection between fossil fuels and greenhouse gases," said Sue Lewis, a Rozelle resident and teacher. "It is all doable. Everyone in Rozelle and Balmain can change their energy use to renewable energy."

$3600 raised at group meeting: The group attracted 72 people to a dinner on 13 May at which climate change was discussed and debated, and at which $3600 was raised towards the cost of installing solar power in local schools.

Origin offers $500 solar rebate: The group has distributed about 6000 postcards to homes on the peninsula explaining their campaign. The electricity supplier Origin Energy paid for the cards and is offering a $500 rebate on solar photovoltaic systems for residents.

The Sydney Morning Herald, 20-21/5/2006, p. 6

Source: Erisk Net  

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