Beazley plays China uranium deal Howard’s way


Deal "within current policy guidelines:" "[I’ve] allayed their fears [over what might happen] if there is a change of government and the ALP take over," Mr Mundine said. "The sign-offs with regards to the uranium sales are safe. The deals they’ve signed off with the Australian Government, we support. They’re within our current policy guidelines. And I am supporting discussions about the policy."

Growing push to review no-new-mines policy: The nuclear deal – which has the potential to generate billions of export dollars for Australia – put the focus on the ALP’s no-new-mines policy, which prevents the development of any new mines by state Labor governments.

Beazley for change, maybe: Opposition Leader Kim Beazley is hinting he may support a change in Labor’s policy. He is also demanding strong laws to ensure Australian uranium doesn’t end up in the wrong hands.

The Canberra Times, 2/5/2006, p. 3

Source: Erisk Net 

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