Brisbane’s leaking water mains lose 20.3 million litres a day


Fountain makes no difference, Deputy Mayor: Deputy Mayor David
Hinchliffe last night acknowledged the decision to turn off the main
King George Square fountain would make no difference to Brisbane
reaching its drought targets. “I don’t think for a moment that the Lord
Mayor was saying that our meeting of water reduction targets depended
on us turning off the fountain in King George Square,” he said. “It was
a symbol that we too had to exercise some restraint. It was his
suggestion and we have agreed to that.”

Cabinet setting an example, Lord Mayor: Lord Mayor Campbell
Newman is standing firm on the fountain closure. He said it had the
unanimous support of Civic Cabinet and the mayors of southeast
Queensland had agreed to the same policy – there was no turning back
and there could be no exceptions. “We have to set an example for the
community and every drop counts,” he said.

Fountains lost 250 000 litres annually: Newman said the two city
fountains resulted in a water loss of more than 250,000 litres a year.
“A quarter of a million litres is a quarter of a million litres,” he

The Courier Mail, 24/11/2005, p. 1

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