Bucket on Wheels sells out in Queensland


Queensland retailers have been selling a mobile watering cart despite rules that make it illegal to water gardens with the product, reported The Courier Mail (15/9/2006, p.15).

Gardeners mob shops for mega bucket: The 60-litre "bucket on wheels" had been such a hit that Bunnings Warehouse has sold out for months and would take two weeks to get more. Department store chains were also believed to be selling it, though its use was prohibited on gardens unless it was filled with rainwater.

But rules set 20L limit: Level-three restrictions permit bucket watering of gardens at any time or on any day, but only if gardeners use watering cans or buckets with a capacity of less than 20 litres filled directly from a tap and not a hose.

Cart "not recommended" for water: Bunnings said the product was being sold next to wheelbarrows and it did not recommend it for carrying water. The Water Commission said selling the cart was legal but its use was not.

The Courier Mail, 15/9/2006, p.15

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