Burying CO2 necessary evil


Australian Conservation Foundation sustainability program manager Erwin
Jackson said the urgency of the need to cut greenhouse gas emissions
meant the government should not wait for geosequestration technologies
to come to market, according to The Australian Financial Review (16/3/2006, p. 5).

Geosequestration tech useful: “But if it proves environmentally
and technologically viable, then [geosequestration] could play a role
in the transition to a truly clean energy future,” Jackson said. The
greatest challenge to making clean coal technologies commercially
viable is to bring down the cost of carbon capture.

Regulatory framework for the tech: While there were concerns
about the health and environmental risks of burying carbon deep
underground, Jackson said he was encouraged by the work the mining
industry had done with the Federal and State Governments to establish a
regulatory framework for the technology.

The Australian Financial Review, 16/3/2006, p. 5

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