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The Raytheon Corporation is the world’s larger producer of guided missiles including the infamous cruise missile, which was used heavily in the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. Raytheon profits have risen dramatically from both these wars.  Its missiles also killed large numbers of civilians in the 2006 Israeli invasion of Lebanon.
On 24 April three members of Christians Against All Terrorism  (CAAT), Jim Dowling, Lisa Bridle and Sean O’Reilly entered Raytheon’s Brisbane office. They were welcomed through the glass security door by a staff member thinking they had arrived for a meeting. (Later we reflected on how some of the group were similarly able to miraculously enter Pine Gap two years earlier)
Instead of joining the meeting, the three commenced a Prayer of Deliverance, naming the essence of Raytheon for what it really is, “a spirit of greed, of violence, of deliberate indifference to injustice and human suffering” (see deliverance prayer attached).  They posted the walls with photographs of civilians maimed or killed by Raytheon missiles, and spread human blood in the shape of a cross to symbolise the blood shed by these weapons.  A candle was then lit and held up to the walls, symbolising bringing the light of Christ to these dark deeds. Holy water was also sprinkled around the office.
During the Deliverance, a large number of people did arrive for the Raytheon meeting and were confronted with the real nature of the Raytheon Corporation.
Staff attempted to force the three to leave the premises. Jim, Lisa and Sean continued to recite the deliverance prayer, pray and speak of the suffering caused by the Raytheon’s weapons systems, before police arrived at 10.45am. In a somewhat surreal backdrop, two screens in the office foyer continually played promotional material espousing the work of Raytheon and the ‘challenges’ of modern warfare. Jenny Nash, Kaye Mc Padden and Rebecca Dowling maintained a vigil outside with banners and placards. Raytheon had only moved into these offices last month. Some staff protested that they had nothing to do with the production of these weapons and were clearly angry at this intrusion into their ‘business as usual’ routine. This witness was probably the first time they have been confronted with the horror of Raytheon’s role in warmaking.
Police arrived and had a lengthy conversation with Raytheon staff in another room. On emerging they revealed that Raytheon did not want to peruse damages charges. They then asked the three to leave. Sean agreed do so whilst Jim and Lisa refused, saying they wished to continue the deliverance.  Jim and Lisa
were taken away by police at 11.25am, charged with disobeying a lawful direction and later released. They appear in court on 29th May for a hearing date to be set.
Further charges would have required Raytheon staff to present evidence in court and it is clear that is one thing they wish avoid. To do so would expose Raytheon staff to questioning about their activities and this is one company that in many respects would prefer to stay in the shadows and avoid further scrutiny. CAAT will continue to witness against the role of Raytheon in warmaking.
On 19 May members of the Raytheon 9 will go to trial in Belfast, Northern Ireland, for their action at Raytheon’s facility in Derry in August 2006. For more information and to send messages of support see

Sean O’Reilly
Anzac Day, 25
th April 2005

We come here today in an attitude of humility and repentance. We recognise the dark spirits that hold sway over Raytheon can have power over us too. We come to name and cast out these spirits – that we may all be healed from the collective possession we have suffered.
Spirit of Raytheon, we name you for what you are, a spirit of greed, of violence, of deliberate indifference to injustice and human suffering. We adjure you in the name of the Father +,  the Son+ and the Holy Spirit+, to depart form this corporation.
WE dispel the spirit of greed which holds sway over Raytheon, the “root of all manner of evil” as Paul of Tarsus called you. WE cast you out of this corporation and order you to serve the One True Master, God.
WE dispel the spirit of violence which gleefully presides over the building of ever bigger and deadlier weapons. We cast you out before you can see the total destruction of God’s creation which you await. We adjure you accursed spirit to give honour to the God of peace, and non-violence, and depart from this corporation.
WE dispel the spirit of indifference which allows the evil work of  Raytheon to prosper amidst its hidden fruits of blood and death. WE adjure you to give honour to the God of compassion and non-violence.
WE dispel the spirit of fear which fills the hearts of all people to allow wanton destruction of our “enemies”. We cast you out and adjure you to give honour to the Son of God who commands us to have faith and fear not.
WE dispel the spirit of lies and deceit which holds sway over Raytheon; the spirit which calls the wanton murder of anyone in the way of Raytheon weapons, “defence contracting”; the spirit which calls the dismembering or burning of children, “collateral damage”.  We admonish you with the words of Jesus, “You are from your father the devil. He was a murderer from the start and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him.  He is liar and the father of lies”. We cast you out spirit of lies and deceit in the name of the one who proclaimed “The truth will set you free”, Jesus Christ.

We place the symbols of the truth of you spirits of Raytheon on these walls.
The photos of your fruits, and human blood which you delight in shedding.
With our candles symbolising the light of Jesus, we light them  for all to see.
We sprinkle Holy Water to symbolise the purity to which the powers of all institutions are called. We call the powers to their duty to serve the risen Christ.
We call on your power now, O God. We ask for your blessing, that we may witness and live in your truth. Give us strength to continue to do your will. We ask this through God our Creator, Jesus our Brother, and through the spirit which is love and wisdom.”

Sean O’Reilly, Lisa Bridle, Jim Dowling and Sr Kaye McPadden before entering Raytheon

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