Clarence to become the new Franklin?


“Suggesting more dams and longer pipelines, is a very disappointing
response to the nation’s water problems”, Mr Cohen said. “I’m
devastated that he’s pushing last century’s water mentality. It’s
not surprising that dam builders have proposed another dam, but we
expected more creative solutions from the new minister.

“The Clarence River supports a prime local tourism industry and
unsurpassed recreational and commercial fishing resources – damming it
would be an obscenity, and would simply prolong the profligate use of
water in Queensland.”

Citing the massive protests in Tasmania that finally put an end to the
Franklin Dam scheme, Mr Cohen promises the federal government that a
similar mobilisation of the mainland activist community would follow an
announcement to build this dam.  Mr Cohen asks the Iemma government
where is stands on the idea? “Will Morris Iemma acquiesce?”

“Malcolm Turnbull has been touting water recycling schemes around the
country. This announcement reveals how hollow his recycling commitment
is. It now turns out that his real focus has been on developing plans to
dam the mighty Clarence River and the equally environmentally
destructive alternative to dam the Tweed River.” Mr Cohen said.

“This project is more about allowing unfettered development in
Queensland, than about managing the nation’s water resources. It’s a
dinosaur engineering plan.”

Further Information: Nic Clyde: 0417 742 754
Ian Cohen: 0409 989 466

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