Corporates lap up Inconvenient Truth


Carbon-mitigation strategy education: PricewaterhouseCoopers’ legal unit organised screenings for more than 200 clients and staff in Melbourne and Sydney this week, partly in response to a surge in interest from Australian clients. "We’ve seen clients, particularly in the last six months, coming to us and asking us to help them understand what their carbon-mitigation strategy is going to look like," said Andrew Petersen, PwC Legal’s environment and development leader.

Westpac notes growing environmental awareness: Westpac’s general manager of stakeholder communications, Noel Purcell, said the bank, which this week held a screening in Sydney for 150 staff, clients and community partners, had noticed a similar growth in environmental awareness among its clients. "I think there’s a thirst for better understanding and also a lot of people out there want to know what they can do about it," he said.

"directly relevant" says Pacific Hydro: Emily Wood, community relations manager of renewable energy company Pacific Hydro, which staged a screening this week for about 100 staff and their partners, said the subject matter of the film, already the third-highest grossing documentary, was directly relevant to the company’s mission.

The Age, 14/9/2006, p.B2

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