Cross promotion is smart business

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new logo for Three Monkeys
Urban Voice also updated the logo of the iconic cafe

Small business seeking to get the most out of a limited marketing budget could do worse than cross promotion said business consultant and Urban Voice director, Geoff Ebbs, yesterday.

He pointed to the recent partnership between the Mattress Gallery and the Three Monkeys as an example of how businesses can buddy up to a non-competiting business and both punch well above their weight as a result.

“Attendees at the South West Chamber of Commerce will recognise certain elements of the Wow Factor presentation given by John Dwyer in February,” he said.

Urban Voice has used its ownership of Westender to leverage a deal that gives both Mattress Gallery and Three Monkeys significantly greater presentation than they would otherwise have had.

Three Monkeys has recently changed hands and is looking to build on the establishment’s reputation as an “iconic” West End cafe.

Ebbs recommended the match on the basis that many newcomers to West End are in the market for a mattress and may not know about the historic West End cafe.

“We’ll know by the end of the month if the pairing was a good one”, he said.

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