Markets value stranded assets

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Stranded assets will include mines that can no longer be operated because of international pressure

Insurers and risk assessment agencies are writing down the value of fossil fuels, endangering the value of many business and retiree’s investments.

Ben Caldecott, founder of Oxford University’s Stranded Assets Programme and author of the groundbreaking report “Stranded Down Under? Environment-related factors changing China’s demand for coal and what this means for Australian coal assets”, will shed light on the ramifications of Australia’s fossil fuel addiction and how individuals can help us kick our nation’s dirtiest habit.

He reports that many industrialised nations are now acting to reduce their emissions and shift to a low-carbon future, while Australia plans to invest over AUD $100 billion in new coal mining developments over the next 15 years, including nine mega-mines in the Galilee Basin and the controversial Maules Creek coal mine in NSW’s Leard State Forest.

Whether you like it or not, your savings and superannuation are probably funding the expansion of the fossil fuel industry.

The event will be held at 6pm on Thur 3rd April, hosted by the UQ International Energy Centre at Southbank Tafe, Ernest St, South Brisbane.


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