Daily update: EVs could double grid storage capacity – at zero cost

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Daily update: EVs could double grid storage capacity – at zero cost


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EVs could double grid storage capacity at no extra cost; China plans $65bn carbon market at around $18/tonne; CBA pressed to disclose climate risk; Wind generation falls to 2-year low; China shows there’s more to renewables than fighting climate change; Is this the peak of centralised energy?; Tesla gigafactory to run on renewables; Indian coal producer to invest $80m in solar, wind energy projects; New solar capacity beats natural gas in US first half of 2014; Polish towns abandons coal; and Australia’s built environment and water cleantech leaders.
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UBS says electric vehicles will deliver large amounts of battery storage for effectively zero incremental cost, allowing critical infrastructure to support the increase in variable renewable energy generation to be incorporated for free. And EVs could have a personalised ‘ID’ for charging and discharging.
Two months after Australia’s trashes its carbon market, China unveils plans for $65bn carbon market – a price of around $18/tonne
CBA will become first bank outside US to be pressured to disclose the risks to its lending and investment portfolios from climate change.
Wind output in August nearly halved from previous month, as total renewable generation in NEM fell to 13% – and little new plant was registered.
China’s large investments in renewables are as much about energy security as a means of reducing carbon emissions.
Has energy reached “peak” centralisation”? Large utilities, once the safe haven of dependable returns,  are losing public and regulatory support, money, and talent.
Elon Musk has also promised to power the Gigafactory using only its own, green energy sources. Can it be done, and if so, how?
A big coal producer and power generator located in Southern India announces that it will invest US$82m to set up 25MW solar PV and 55MW wind power capacity.
But EIA data is leaving out a critical piece of solar: distributed generation.
Polish town wins award after abandoning coal, and turning to wind and biomass for energy needs. It will soon add solar.
Water filtration technology that mimics a whale; stronger, lighter concrete; a system that shuts off power when it gets too expensive. More competitors in the 2014 Australian Technologies Competition.

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