Daily update: The reign of coal is over, but the reign of fossil fools is not

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Daily update: The reign of coal is over, but the reign of fossil fools is not


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The reign of coal is over, but the reign of fossil fools is not; Climate-driven flooding could cost Australia billions; Hockey rants ‘unhelpful’ says Vic energy minister; Google invests $145m to turn oil field to solar plant;  ARENA, network lobby join forces on renewables grid integration; RayGen wins Aus clean energy prize; Coal power shows zero growth this year; NZ’s Green Party proposes 100% RET; Yingli drops solar manufacturing costs to below 50c/watt; First 100% green grid is online figuratively speaking; and Installing solar on landfills.
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The Parkinson Report
The news gets worse and worse for the coal industry, but the smart investors have already bailed from the sector. Despite this, Australia continues to bet the future of its economy on a commodity in terminal decline, and turn its back on the technologies of the future.
Climate Council report warns sea level rise – driven by unchecked climate change – exposes Australia to a coastal flooding risk that could cost $226bn.
Victorian energy minister Russell Northe describes federal Treasurer Joe Hockey’s latest anti-wind comments as ‘unhelpful,’ not the view of Vic Coalition.
Google’s 17th renewables investment will put $145m towards the development of an 82MW solar project being built on a former oil and gas field.
Australian Renewable Energy Agency and Energy Networks Association to collaborate on stocktake of 176 renewable grid integration projects across Australia.
Melbourne-based CSPV developer wins energy section of Australian Technology Competition, as well as People’s Choice award.
The last year in which there were no additions to coal power generating capacity in the U.S. was 1998.
NZ Green Party want 100% renewable energy target by 2050, in addition to several other measures in the clean transportation and energy efficiency domains.
Yingli joins Jinko and Trina in the sub-50-cents-per-watt club.
A major obstacle to Germany’s going “green” has been the necessity of using conventional power plants to back up intermittent renewable energy sources.
All of the closed landfills around the country leave us with a big question: What to do with those brownfields of largely undevelopable land?

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