Diversifying Fuel Supply: Key Players in Biomass

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Siemens‘Alstom is a world leader in delivering biomass co-firing solutions worldwide to contribute to the fight against climate change, in line with its clean power strategy.’ — Patrick Fragman, managing director of Alsom

Alstom: Engineering, building and turbine supplies

Alstom has supplied equipment to some of the largest biomass projects in the world, including Drax.

Alstom is a France-based power engineering giant. In May 2009 the company signed an engineering, procurement and construction contract with Drax Energy for £50 million (US$78 million), to build the processing works for the 1.5 million tonne per year biomass co-firing facility to be constructed at Drax Power Station in North Yorkshire, UK (see details over). The processing works will receive, handle, store and process various biomass materials ready for direct injection into the power station’s existing boilers.

And, announced at around the same time, the company also confirmed that it is to supply a 1100 MWe steam turbine generator package for the existing Maasvlakte installation near Rotterdam in the Netherlands. This coal-fired facility will also be suitable for co-firing with biomass and, Alstom says, will also benefit from deep water access for fuel suply. Under the terms of the contract, with E.ON Benelux, the plant is due to be commissioned in 2013.

The company has also previously won the business for a 41 MWe advanced steam turbogenerator for the Dan Cheng Bio Energy Cogeneration Project in Thailand which uses bagass and rice husks.

Alstom designed, installed and commissioned a dedicated co-firing system on the 640 MWe tangential coal fired boiler at Essent Energy’s Amer Power Station in the Netherlands.


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