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7:34 PM (7 minutes ago)

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Dear friend,

The divestment campaign is working but we need your help to keep up the pressure…

A few weeks ago, Sydney Uni announced a freeze on fossil fuel investments. Last week, ANU announced it’s divesting from gas company Santos and oil company Oil Search. On Monday, the Anglican Diocese of Perth announced it will divest. And today, $8bn super fund Local Government Super announced they’re divesting from coal.[1]

Click here to join the movement of individuals and institutions moving their money out of fossil fuels by attending Divestment Day on October 18!

It’s clear that momentum for divestment is building – which is why the Australian Financial Review today published this graphic.[2]  Click on the image to spread the word on facebook.


And this momentum is exactly why the fossil fuel industry is so angry. In the past fortnight, an alliance of industry heavyweights has begun lobbying institutions to hold tight to their fossil fuel investments. On Monday, Australia’s coal lobby released yet another expensive report claiming that divestment will hurt your returns and the world’s poor.[3]

But the divestment movement has both dollars and sense on its side. We know that divestment has a negligible impact upon returns. But more importantly, we know that divestment has the power to break the fossil fuel industry’s stranglehold over our leaders so that we can finally get real climate action and the solutions needed to build a more just world.

That’s why hundreds of institutions and thousands of individuals around the world are moving their money out of fossil fuels.

Click here to join them by divesting with us on October 18!

Divestment has the power to take away fossil fuel industry’s social license to pollute the planet. It has the power to set us on a path to a just and sustainable future. But we need you to help make this real…

See you at Divestment Day and together, let’s use our money to move Australia beyond the tyranny of fossil fuels.  

Yours for a brighter future,


PS LIKE and SHARE the Divestment Day facebook event to invite others to join you on October 18.

[1] While coal divestment is great, Local Government Super (LGS) now plans to invest in nuclear! Click here to congratulate LGS on divesting from coal and remind them that nuclear isn’t the answer to the climate crisis.

[2] Ben Potter, “ANU Divestment List Sparks Outrage”, Australian Financial Review, 7th October 2014.

[3] Jacob Greber, “Fossil fuel champions ‘ethical’ label”, Australian Financial Review, 6th October 2014. is building a global climate movement.

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