Double Decker Reds Go Green


The new fleet of buses are created by Transport for London, whose primary role is to implement the Mayor’s Transport Strategy and manage services across the Capital. They are responsible for all the City’s buses, the Underground, the Dock-land’s Light Railway, the management of Croydon Tramlink, London’s River Services, Victoria Coach Station and the Transport Museum. These new buses are a central part of the City’s plans for a cleaner and greener fleet. They will contribute to cutting London’s carbon dioxide emissions – an important step towards meeting the Mayor’s long-term goal of a low carbon-hydrogen-based transport system.


“Hybrid vehicles could make a real contribution to a cleaner, greener public transport network for the capital,” said Ken Livingstone. “All bus manufacturers and operators now need to rise to this challenge and make this economically and financially feasible.”


The adoption of these Hybrid double decker buses is a key part of a range of measures being developed by London’s Mayor and Transport for London. Their Transport and Air Quality Strategies are designed to give Londoners a cleaner and much healthier future, while also enabling the City to meet its targeted contribution to tackling the problems of climate change.


As one of the most accepted solutions to overcrowding in inner city areas, it makes sense that public transport is not a major pollutant. Cities around Europe, including London, Hamburg, Barcelona and Stockholm, are all taking part in a pioneering project, by road testing the first generation of zero-emission fuel cell buses. The results of this trial are eagerly awaited by transport authorities and governments across the globe.


Greater London Authority, City Hall,

The Queen’s Walk, London, SE1 2AA

Tel: 020 7983 4000



London’s Mayor Ken Livingstone. Photo: © Liane Harris

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