Ebono and Get Up make winning team


Giovanni Ebono is a broadcaster and activist. He believes that online networks are a critical component in shaping a new, more representative democracy. He actively used the web, and multimedia to run his election campaign for the seat of Richmond in the last federal election. That campaign resulted in a significant swing towards the Greens, Richmond is now the sixth Greenest seat in the nation.

You can view the remnants of that effort at the campaign website. As well as providing all media services online, he provided a range of resources for supporters and campaign workers and promoted them in print, on air and via  email networks.


 Catch Giovanni at work on credit card debt

Ebono is currently completing work on the Wiley Publishing title World Poverty For Dummies and is actively involved in a number of campaigns to do with global economic justice. During the federal election Ebono promoted and drove domestic economic justice issues, pre-empting the mainstream media on a number of occasions. One of our regular media stunts was specifically on the topic of regulating personal credit and unscrupulous operators.

He’s a publisher, broadcaster and producer with a background in publishing business and management titles. He’s also operated his own business for ten of the last twenty years and employed up to ten people. He’s actively involved in developing policy at the federal level with the NSW Greens.

Ebono’s background is as a magazine editor at Australian Consolidated Press for seven years. He left to start a television show and online publishing company, delivered online content management systems to a range of publishers and industry associations and have since worked as a book publisher and editor. He uses digital techniques to produce a weekly radio show, online newsfeed with regular web based video and podcasts.

Ebono has been living on the North Coast of NSW for four years, learning radio and sharpening up his public speaking and comedy skills. Now he’s moved back to Sydney, and seeks a role that integrates his passion for politics, broad general knowledge and range of media experience.

He said, "I’m excited at the opportunity to work with Get Up. You are shaping the future of democracy and I would be honoured, excited and happy to be a part of the team."

Download the application letter and resume .

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