Ergon advice for blackouts


Have an emergency kit with a torch and battery-operated radio on hand.

Unplug or switch off appliances in case of power surges, but leave one light turned on so you can see when the power comes on.

Look at your neighbours’ houses to see if the blackout is limited to your property or more widespread.

the blackout seems to be only affecting your property, check that your
circuit breaker or safety switch has not operated. If any of these have
caused the outage, you may need to call your electrician for advice.

the blackout is widespread the best way to get an update on the
situation is to call 13 22 96 and check Ergon Energy’s automated
system. Our recorded response will advise you if we know about the
outage and when we expect to have it fixed.

If you have information to report about the outage that may help us fix it sooner, you can choose to speak to an operator.

your power is restored, turn your appliances back on one by one. Don’t
forget to replace the items in your emergency kit, including the

Want to know more? Ergon Energy has a free information guide
available to help you in case of power interruptions. Call 13 10 46 for
your free copy.

This advice is from Ergon’s website



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