Everything at stake

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Everything at stake


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4:53 PM (39 minutes ago)

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Dear friend,

Climate change places everything at stake for our Pacific Island neighbours. 

That’s why, in just over a week’s time, we will welcome thirty incredible Pacific Climate Warriors to Australia. Together we’ll stand with them, as they stand up to the fossil fuel industry, whose activities are driving the demise of their cultures and their homelands.

Here are three ways that you can support the Warriors from Sydney…

1. Welcome the Warriors to Australia

Join us to welcome the Warriors as they arrive into Australia:
  • When10am – 12pm, Saturday 11th October
  • Where: Campbelltown Arts Centre, 1 Art Gallery Rd, Campbelltown

2. Hear first hand from the Warriors about why they have travelled to our shores.

From youth workers and President’s children to parish secretaries and teachers’ aides, the warriors will leave you humbled and even more resolute to demand the safe and just climate future that is within our reach. Each talk will be part storytelling, part performance and part a call to action.

Click here to get your free ticket.

3. Stand in solidarity with the Warriors

If you want to go further, join us for a Peaceful Direct Action training on Saturday 11 October. Renowned campaigner Nicola Paris will provide a training on the theory of peaceful direct action and then support all of us to prepare a solidarity action to stand with the Warrirors during their tour.

Click here to register today.

We hope you’ll join us and be inspired by the Warriors determination to fight for their future, for all of our futures!

Aaron, Simon, Josh, Blair and Charlie for the 350 Australia team

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