More evidence that Greg Bowden took cash

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Greg Bowden
LNP money man, Greg Bowden at the Mercedes polo day in 2011

Emails tabled at the Independent Commission Against Corruption allege that Greg Bowden, the Lord Mayor’s Director Of Strategy, Communication & Economic Development played a role in accepting a cash-for-access $5,000 political donation to Forward Brisbane Leadership form Australian Water, the company at the heart of the Senator Sinodinos scandal.

Brisbane City Council Leader of the Opposition Milton Dick said Graham Quirk needs to show some leadership to address and investigate these serious allegations. Last month it was revealed that Bowden was paid over 17% of all thedonations to Forward Brisbane Leadership, an amount in excess of $900,000.

“If one of the people on the Lord Mayors ratepayers funded payroll has been caught playing a role in a cash-for-access scam then Graham Quirk needs to immediately suspend Greg Bowden’s employment and refer the matter to the authorities.

“Greg Bowden is a long term political fundraiser for the Liberal National Party and helped set up Forward Brisbane Leadership while raising funds for Campbell Newman and Graham Quirk

“I’ve long held concerns about Mr Bowden’s role within the Lord Mayor Office as the Director Of Strategy, Communication & Economic Development and the role he plays during the Lord Mayor’s overseas business missions.

“The Lord Mayor needs to release all the details of the business missions and detail any fundraising activities Mr Bowden has undertaken for the LNP while working for Brisbane City Council.

“Graham Quirk was Campbell Newman’s deputy while the alleged cash-for-access meeting took place and I call on him to answer some basic questions about these serious revelations at ICAC.

“How many other cash-for-access meetings were arranged this way?

“What was promised by Campbell Newman during these meetings?

“Who arranged the meetings for the Lord Mayor’s office?

“Ratepayers deserve and expect Graham Quirk to take swift action to address the serious allegations made as part of the Independent Commission Against Corruption.”

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