Extrene weather now normal weather

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Extreme weather now normal weather

We are warned that heating Gaia will produce extreme weather, catastrophic even. These will be contradictory. Russia was suffering temperatures of -30C while the immediately adjoining Arctic was losing its ice for the first time. There are repeated floods in Asia and Australia, sustained freezing in Eastern Europe, and blizzards in the Balkans and ice on the Danube.

People have been snap-frozen in the streets, left like those woolly mammoths in the Siberian tundra. With polar ice loss quickening seas will rise more quickly.

At home we have lost most of our fruit from an endless cloud cover for the past two months, though the rainfall has been half the average.

The latest scientific reports show that this will continue, and get worse – meaning we should now be calling the situation Catastrophic rather than Extreme.

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