Farms face worst feed shortage in years

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In a country which is only 6 % arable this is shocking,

Could this be due to the Murray-Darling basin issues?

Farms face worst feed shortage in years

ABCFebruary 21, 2012, 9:54 am

Feed supply is worst in years

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Farmers in the south-east of South Australia and western Victoria are facing their worst shortage of livestock feed in years.

Low rainfall and a short burst of spring weather have now being blamed for a lack of hay and grain.

Tom Dennis from agricultural company Elders says some farmers who cannot afford to feed their lambs are selling them sooner than usual.

“That’s why we’re seeing this lamb price fall, because basically [it is] forced selling,” he said.

The hay price has risen by about 25 per cent and Keith farmer Glen Simpson is reaping the rewards.

“I’ve sold a bit of hay down south too, so obviously around Kingston, that way must be drying up as well, which is sort of a bit unusual,” he said.

Farms in Victoria’s western district are also dealing with the shortages.

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