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Federal Court says Hunt was wrong!


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The Federal court has just overturned Greg Hunt’s approval of Adani’s Carmichael coal mine in the Galilee Basin, because of its damaging environmental impacts! [1]

Email Hunt to tell him to reject this disastrous coal proposal once and for all.

Earlier this year, the courageous Mackay Conservation Group, supported by thousands of donations from the community, took Environment Minister Greg Hunt to court over his approval of Adani’s disastrous mine.* Their argument: Hunt failed to consider Adani’s terrible environmental record and the mine’s impact on the climate and local environment.

Thousands of hours of hard work later, the case has been won — the Court has agreed that Hunt dropped the ball and has ordered him back to the drawing board to reconsider his decision to approve this ridiculous project.

But there’s only one decision Greg Hunt can justifiably make and that’s to reject the mine outright – join us in telling him to do exactly that.

There’s simply no way that Adani’s plans can proceed. They’re unbankable, unburnable and unbelievably reckless. That Hunt ever gave Adani the green-light shows yet again how negligent and coal-obsessed our Government is.

Now forced to reconsider his decision, it’s vital that Hunt hears us loud and clear when we tell him – reject the mine or face growing and deepening public opposition.

Today’s announcement is a major victory for our climate and Reef. It adds yet another delay to Adani’s dangerous plans – a delay that could spell the end of those plans.

But most of all, this victory is testament to the power of community. That a tiny conservation group, supported by the donations of thousands of concerned citizens, can take on the Federal government, a multi-billion dollar mining company and one of the largest coal projects in the world and WIN should give us all hope that justice does eventually prevail.

Now join us in telling Hunt to scrap this monster coal project for good!

In solidarity,

Charlie for the 350.org Australia team

*We also want to acknowledge the tireless work of EDO NSW who represented the Mackay Conservation Group and GetUp who helped to crowdfund for the legal costs.

[1] Approval for Adani’s Carmichael Coal Mine Overturned by Federal Court, The Guardian, 5th August

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