Boom in organic certification


Roadshows to promote organic: The Biological Farmers of Australia (BFA) was holding organic roadshows in regions Australia-wide in an effort to facilitate the sectors ever-continuing growth.

One day event in Melbourne: In Melbourne a one-day roadshow event will consist of talks and forums offering the latest information available to industry as well as first-hand knowledge from successful organic business owners and others.

Melbourne – hub of organic food processing: Scoh Kinnear, Melbourne organic retailer and BFA Board member said: "Melbourne has become recognized as a major area within Australia for organic food processing and we encourage any prospective businesses that may wish to begin an organic product range to attend’.

A platform to share information: BFA Chair of 10 years Doug Haas said “the roadshows have proven to be a very successful instrument for bringing industry members together to learn about the latest technologies and resources. In addition networking between industry members is critical to the sector’s success."

Information on Vic Govt resources: Included in the agenda for the day was information on Victorian government resources including results of trials in composting, lamb and pasture production and the recent launch of the Victorian Organic Food Products Directory – 2007.

Everything about organic: To satisfy questions about the organic industry visit the Organic Roadshow! The day will cover organic horticulture, meat and wool production, the organic wholesale market, retail, marketing, regulation and more.

Ample scope to network: There will be ample opportunity to network with key people in industry, ask questions of successful growers and marketers and learn about products available on display. The day will end with an industry forum followed try an informal dinner open to all interested.

Sponsors: Thanks to sponsors of the event, the roadshow would be free to attend other than a small charge for catering, organic of course! Sponsors include: Melba Fresh, Organic Crop Protectants, ladybird Organics and Katek Fertilizers Australia. This event is supported as part of International Composting Awareness Week

Where: Melrose Melbourne Reception, Cnr Melrose & Carrick Drive, Tullamarine, Melbourne.

When: 8:30am to 4:00pm, Friday 11 May 2007. RSVP: Ph. 07 3350 5716, fax. 07 3350 5996, email:, by 7th May 2007

Further information and media comment contact: Holly Vyner, PR and Media Coordinator, ph 07 3350 5716, mob 0431 623 809, email: visit

Reference: Biological Farmers of Australia. The BFA Group "Celebrating 20 years 1987 – 2007". Ph. 07 3350 5716 / Fax 07 3350 5996. PO Box 530 (Lvl 1, 766 Gympie Rd) Chermside Old 4032 Australia. Web:

Erisk Net, 27/4/2007

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