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Food Connect has improved customer service through a better website

Local food distribution system, Food Connect, has entered 2014 with a bang and a new website and ordering system.

Happiness manager, Emma Kate Rose said “we did it because many of you gave us feedback about the limitations of our old ordering system.  You wanted a system that would allow us to celebrate our food and farmers more meaningfully, and create a more dynamic and practical ordering experience for our customers.”

here are some major changes in the way that orders are placed and processed, which she hopes will make customer’s experience more enjoyable.

“It is different, and will keep us on our toes – in a good way!”

She said that many customers are asking if Food Connect’s business has changed

“No way! We are the same social enterprise operating with the same vision and the same business model to bring about a fairer food system. We just have a new ordering system integrated with our website (they used to be two separate systems) which we believe will help us to sell more of our fabulous farmers’ food.”

She said the aim is to spend less time on back-end administration and improve the company’s engagement with it’s customers.  The entire aim of the compani is to give customers a greater connection to the farmers growing our food and the community we share it with.

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    24 February, 2014

    Anne Giacomantonio

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