Greenpeace ‘bombs’ French nuclear reactor — could it happen in US

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Activist flies into French nuclear plant: police
“We wanted to illustrate an external danger, like a fall of an airplane” into a nuclear plant, she said. A spokesman for the EDF energy firm that runs the country’s nuclear plants said that a lightweight motorised aircraft with one person inside got
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Greenpeace ‘bombs’ French nuclear reactor — could it happen in US?
“At no moment was the safety of the installations at risk,” said the plant’s operator, French utility giant EDF, adding that the pilot was arrested by security staff at the Bugey nuclear plant in southeast France. EDF acknowledged that a second
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After Fukushima, U.S. Flying Blind
OPB News
There are reasons to fear that a similar scenario is playing out in the US, but here the most serious threat comes from sea level rise and the increasing dangers that storm-driven waves will overcome the flood defenses of coastal nuclear plants,
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Looming storm must be stopped
Morning Star Online
First, nuclear weapons are immoral, unnecessary and are by their very nature a threat to civilian populations. But second, Iran does not actually possess any nuclear weapons – and within international law has developed nuclear reactors and nuclear
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French Nuclear Power Plant Attacked
Green Chip Stocks
By RT Jones But Chernobyl, Fukushima and the inability for US nuclear power plants to find an appropriate location to store waste, continue to prove that nuclear power safety is nothing more than an illusion. To further prove this point,
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IBM offers US employees incentive to retire
2:46 pm Pluto is so far away, so slow moving and so not a planet that one might be tempted to disregard his… Nuclear power plants are extremely dangerous. They threaten our planet’s existence, and a 2005…- 8:08 pm IBM’s Essex Junction plant.
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Dr. Dale’s Nuclear Anti-Radiation Diet: a 21st Century Strategy to Fallout
San Francisco Chronicle (press release)
Dr. Theresa Dale PhD, CCN, NP, of the Wellness Center for Research and Education, responds to a threat of radiation contamination to foods and supplies prompting us to reconsider our lifestyle, diet and choice of supplementation support.
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Atomic Energy Summit Proposes Minimum Standards
The world over citizens are extremely concerned about the safety and protection of the use of nuclear technology or radiation-based technology, Kamwi reminded the gathering. The fragility and dangers related to this sort of energy source was once again
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