Hollywood hides its green light


Daryl Hannah’s green lifestyle: Daryl Hannah’s commitment is longstanding. She’s been a vegetarian since she was a kid; her two houses, one in the Rockies and one in Southern California, have been off the grid for a dozen years, relying on solar panels and greywater systems.

"I’ve got a carbon surplus": She buys carbon offsets for all of her travel. “I’ve carbon neutralized myself so many times,” she says, “I’ve got a carbon surplus. But I still continue to do it.”

Hollywood sidesteps environmental responsibility: Hannah says the problem suffuses Hollywood: “They make hundreds of movies every year, yet there’s only a handful with environmental themes. It’s unfortunate because you would think they would want to use their voice and the power that they have to do something positive.”

Hannah plans "extreme activists" docos: Hannah is taking matters into her own hands. Through her production company she is developing a series of full-length documentaries about what she calls “extreme activists”.

The Australian Financial Review, 19/8/2006, p. 23

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