How scientists make the case

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How scientists make the case


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Since I wrote to you last week, asking for members of the scientific community to publicly step forward in support of Keep it in the Ground, we have received more than a thousand notes from doctors, researchers and specialists around the world. Some of these messages have just been published on the Guardian in a special interactive. Featured are a family doctor reporting worsening childhood asthma in Toronto, a biosecurity scientist tackling increasing invasive species in Tasmania and a marine zoologist warning of rising Pacific seawaters on his remote atoll home.

Please take a moment to read their impassioned pleas, and then help us drive home the case for divestment by tweeting or emailing these messages to the Gates Foundation and Wellcome Trust, using the buttons on the interactive.

See the messages

There’s a lot of great news this week, from the Church of England’s announcement that it will divest from some companies involved in coal and tar sands extraction to the support we’ve gained from IFMSA, the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations. You’ll find all updates in Emma Howard’s latest campaign update here.

Thank you for your continued and valued support.

Best wishes,

Adam Vaughan, Guardian environment web editor

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