It’s bad for jobs Michael O’Connor CFMEU National Secretary

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It’s bad for jobs


Michael O’Connor

12:43 PM (1 hour ago)

to me

Dear Inga,
In the final few weeks of the Abbott Government, a disastrous decision was made that puts the Maryvale paper mill, in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley, at risk. This decision reversed the policy that required all Federal Government departments and agencies to use 100% recycled paper.

Under the old policy, Australian Paper had invested $90 million into a de-inking and recycling plant with the capacity to produce 50,000 tonnes of recycled paper every year. Australian Paper employs 1000 people at the Maryvale mill, making them one of the largest employers in the region. The Government’s silent scrapping of the policy has left the plant, its employees, and the Maryvale community in the lurch.

We’re calling on Malcolm Turnbull to show some leadership and reverse this decision, will you join us?

Malcolm Turnbull has the opportunity to show how different he is to Abbott’s administration by reversing this decision. A decision that is bad for jobs, bad for the community and bad for the environment.

It means Australian manufacturers will, again, be forced to compete head to head with paper manufactured overseas. Paper which is often sourced from unsustainably managed forests and contributes to deforestation

When combined with the China Free Trade Agreement, under which local manufacturers will also have to compete with one-sided tariffs, the impact on jobs in regional communities would be magnified. Let’s stand up for Our Jobs, Our Kids, and Our Future.

Join us standing up for jobs, for local communities, and for the environment by asking Malcolm Turnbull to reverse this disastrous decision.

In Unity

Michael O’Connor
CFMEU National Secretary

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