I’ve never seen a turnaround like this

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I’ve never seen a turnaround like this

Sara Haghdoosti noreply@list.moveon.org
4:26 AM (5 hours ago)

to me
Dear Neville,

A few weeks ago we were looking at the prospect of Senator Menendez’s sanctions bill getting a veto-proof majority in the Senate and torpedoing the President’s negotiations with Iran.

Then things changed—check out the headlines from the last two weeks:

Previous Iran Sanctions Cosponsor won’t back new sanctions now
National Journal, January 16

Support for new Iran sanctions wanes
—MSNBC. January 17Another blow to the Iran sanctions bill 
–Washington Post, January 22

How did this turnaround happen? One Senate staffer said: “more voters contacting the Hill with phone calls and emails, voicing opposition to the bill*.”

In other words, we made this happen. Over the last few weeks since this legislation was announced, over 150,000 people have taken action, we’ve made over 10,000 phone calls and had petition deliveries all across the country.

What we’re doing is working and that’s exactly why we can’t let up now. What we’ve achieved over the last few weeks is proof that not only can we fight back against war—we can help create the space for politicians to become champions for diplomacy.

Now is the time for us to turn supporters into champions and the undecided into supporters. That’s why over the next few weeks I’ll be in touch over things you can do in your local area.

Today—I just wanted to say congratulations, I’ve never seen a political turnaround like this. We may not have money or fancy lobbyists—but what we have is each other. The power we have when we stand alongside each other is truly inspiring.

Yours, with hope.
–Sara Haghdoosti, on behalf of Berim.org

P.S. The interim deal with Iran went into effect last week. Click here to check out the full graphic and share it with your friends and family so we can get more people informed, excited and bring them into our movement.

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