Just four days left to save Bulga from Rio Tinto

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Just four days left to save Bulga from Rio Tinto


Steve Phillips, Lock The Gate Alliance sjphillips@fastmail.fm via sendgrid.info 

2:07 PM (4 minutes ago)

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Lock the Gate Alliance
G’day Neville —

A couple of weeks ago I wrote to you with some great news: NSW Planning Minister Rob Stokes has responded to public pressure and is repealing the so-called “resource significance” section of mine-approval law which makes the value of a coal resource more important than the people and bushland that live above it. This is a big win, and you helped make it happen!

The amendment to mine-approval rules doesn’t guarantee that the Planning Assessment Commission will make the right decision for the village of Bulga and reject Rio Tinto’s proposed Warkworth coal mine expansion, but it makes it possible… and you can help convince them to do it.

The Commission has asked for views from the public in light of the amended rules, and they need them by this Friday, 31st July. That’s means we’ve got just 4 days to get our message across.

The Commissioners want to know whether restoring the balance between mining profits and the social and environmental damage mining inflicts should change their decision on the Warkworth project. We think it does. We think the change means they can and should reject Rio Tinto’s proposal to expand the coal mine and ruin the village of Bulga. Do you have two minutes to tell them so? It’s easy, just click here and use our simple guide.

This will be our very last chance to influence the Warkworth decision, so let’s make the most of it!

Big thanks for your ongoing support. Together, we can save Bulga from the devastating and irreversible impacts of Rio Tinto’s coal mine.


Steve Phillips
Hunter Valley coordinator, Lock The Gate Alliance

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