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Let’s make history together


Imogen Zethoven — Fight for the Reef via cmail2.com 

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Fight for the Reef

From the Whitsundays to Paris millions of people will take to the streets this November as world leaders gather in Paris for the United Nations Climate Conference.

This meeting couldn’t be more important. This summer we’re likely to see first hand the impact of global warming on the Reef. Scientists predict that the Reef is likely to be hit with a massive coral bleaching event, the result of rising sea temperatures.

In recent years the Federal Government has stalled on climate action. The government needs to show leadership to keep us below two degrees of warming. Paris is the Prime Minister’s chance to show us he’s serious about tackling climate change to safeguard the Reef.

On November 28th and 29th will you join thousands of people marching through your city and call for stronger climate action? 

Malcolm Turnbull needs to head to Paris with a plan to move beyond polluting fossil fuels and protect the Reef from more extreme weather and massive coral bleaching.

Traditional Owners, scientists and tourism operators will join with you to show the government that we’re willing to do what is necessary to stop global warming and protect our Reef.

While credible climate action from the government has been at a standstill, over the last three years we have seen over one million Australians take action to protect the Reef from rapid industrialisation.

This movement is strong and loud. The weekend will again be a show of our commitment to the Reef for future generations.

Can’t wait to march with you!

Imogen Zethoven

On behalf of the Fight for the Reef team 

P.S. LIKE People’s Climate March Australia on Facebook and stay up to date on rally plans 

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