Libs want to reinstate solar rebate

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Libs want to reinstate solar rebate

Updated: 15:28, Thursday March 22, 2012

Libs want to reinstate solar rebate

The opposition is trying to reinstate the solar hot water rebate scheme, which Labor suddnely scrapped in February.

Under the Labor government’s renewable energy bonus scheme, rebates of $1000 were offered to Australians to install a solar hot water system, or $600 to install a heat pump hot water system.

The government announced in late February the scheme was closing.

That meant only systems ordered, purchased or installed before February 28 were eligible for a rebate of up to $1000.

The Senate on Thursday was debating an opposition private members bill to reinstate the program.

Liberal senator Scott Ryan told the chamber the bill was about forcing the government to spend the full funding allocation for the program.

‘A government program should not be shut down with five minutes notice,’ he said.

‘The government has pulled the pin mid-stream.’

Labor senator Anne Urquhart said the opposition was ‘grand standing’ and had no regard for fiscal responsibility.

‘If someone calls last drinks, people will rush up,’ she said.

‘It’s vital this scheme be ended as planed.’

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