Local Radio show gets national airing


Two year old environmental show The Generator was given the stamp of approval by the National Radio Network and it’s weekly news service will go live from midday on Tuesday. Produced by Giovanni Ebono and co-hosted with Charlie Starret the show consistently delivers incisive, accurate analysis in a humorous, down to earth format.

Originally targeted at householders looking for advice about increasing the energy efficiency of their homes and living more sustainably, the show’s appeal has broadened to encompass an audience of farmers, developers and sustainable businesses. “There is now a significant body of work behind the radio show,” said Mullumbimby man, Giovanni Ebono, yesterday “and that formed the basis of my most recent book, “Sydney’s Guide to Saving the Planet.”

The Generator News can be heard each week on Mondays at 10:00am on BayFM 99.9FM or downloaded from www.thegenerator.com.au the show’s website. A number of national magazines already republish news from The Generator and there are over 120 subscribers who receive the news as a weekly news feed direct to their web browser.

Mr Ebono plans to re-release his book as Giovanni’s Guide to Saving the Planet to make it relevant across the country.

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For more information please contact Giovanni Ebono on giovanni@ebono.com.au or (0402) 779 375.

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