Locavores to descend on Paddington

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Michael Shuman in Brisbane last year
Michael Shuman in Brisbane last year

With an active farmers market and strip shopping centre, West End has more options for buying local, fresh food than most Brisbane suburbs.

Local business Food Connect collects and boxes organic farmers from across the region and distributes it through a network of city cousins to time poor people.

Local cafes and restaurants head off to Rocklea before dawn or Liz and Charlies to source the ingredients we so eagerly consume.

This local activity reduces food miles and keeps money in the community, in stark contrast to the purchasing patterns of the supermarkets. See Coles facelift story.

Visiting from the US next month, food guru Michael Shuman will discuss the ways we might forge a strong local economy together. Michael Shuman is director of research for Cutting Edge Capital, director of research and economic development at the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE), and a Fellow of the Post Carbon Institute.
The event is put together by local companies, Food Connect and Energetic Communities.
The talk will be held in Paddington and there are only 100 tickets, so Go to the event page for all the details.
On the agenda:
  • What future do you see for food growing in our local community?
  • What gets you fired up about food?

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