Long hot winter for Hobart


Hobart’s driest winter ended on 31 August, the day the state broke the record for its warmest winter day, noted The Mercury (1 September 2006 p1). The capital city had just 50.8mm of rain over winter, less than a third of its average l60mm for the winter months.

Island state warming up for spring: Hobart just missed out on the winter record double as its temperature rose to 23C on 31 August. But the old high of 24.5C was eclipsed by two other centres: Campania hit a balmy 25C and Scamander wasn’t far behind on 24.9C. Meteorologist Ian Barnes-Keoghan said the old winter temperature high was set in Hobart on August 26, 1977.

Poor winter rains statewide: "Campania is a relatively new site, and because it doesn’t get the sea breezes it could break a few more records as time goes by, " Mr Barnes-Keoghan said. "It is a record warm end to a record dry winter." The dry isn’t restricted to Hobart, with the bureau recording low rainfall in many parts of the state.

The Mercury, 1/9/2006, p.1

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